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5 Herbal Teas That Promote Optimal Health

October 3, 2022


I'm your dedicated autoimmune wellness coach. My mission is to empower you to thrive despite the challenges posed by autoimmune conditions, so you can lead your fullest life.

I'm Jamie Nicole

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When you are searching for a replacement for your sugary and high-carb sodas or coffee, why not choose one that is not only flavorful but also good for you? This is where herbal teas come in.  Herbal tea is made from the flowers and/or leaves of various plants. While there are many teas to choose from, some of them, like the ones below, tend to have more healing properties than others.


The first type of healing tea you should consider drinking for health benefits is ginseng tea. Ginseng is a type of herb that grows as a perennial plant. While it is often found as a supplement you can take as needed, you can also get it in herb form. In this form, you can make tea from it, or you can purchase ginseng tea bags.

Health Benefits of Ginseng Tea

There are many ways ginseng can help to heal your body, from menstrual issues to helping with cancer and low blood pressure. Here are some different ways ginseng is an excellent healing herb:

  • Lower Your Blood Pressure – If you struggle with high blood pressure, diet and exercise is often recommended. However, another good option is to drink ginseng every day. It not only naturally lowers your blood pressure but increases your energy so you can get that much-needed exercise.
  • Help Fight Obesity – Obesity is something many people struggle with and have difficulty managing it. If you want to lose some weight, you can get a jump on shedding the pounds with a little ginseng tea every day. It provides a natural appetite suppressant, reducing how much you eat overall and battling those cravings.
  • Reduce Menstrual Issues – Ginseng has also been known to provide a cooling effect in the body. Among the different aches and pains, it can help with, ginseng is an excellent herbal tea to turn to when you deal with a lot of painful menstrual cramps. It can also handle other side effects, like lessening your menstrual headaches.
  • Stimulate Your Brain – Another health benefit to drinking ginseng tea is the fact that it stimulates your brain cells. This allows you to improve your cognitive abilities, including having better concentration and focus, and improving your memory as well.
  • Provide Anti-Cancer Properties – Ginseng surprisingly has anti-cancer properties, so the more you drink it, the less your risk for developing cancer. Many other herbal teas can provide anti-cancer benefits as well.



Turmeric is one of the hottest trends right now in the natural health and general health niches. So many people are looking for ways to be healthier, and turmeric is a great option. This is a type of spice, commonly used in curry recipes, that can help with disease and overall health. Look at how it can benefit you.

Health Benefits of Turmeric Tea



If you have ever had a tummy ache, you have probably had Ginger Ale to help soothe it. In fact, nausea, vomiting, and digestive issues are often the reason people will turn to ginger. However, in addition to drinking Ginger Ale, you can also make some healthy ginger tea.

Ginger originally comes from China as a flowering plant, though this herb is often grown in other countries around the world. You can grow it in your backyard or find ginger root at the store if you want to make the tea that way. An easier option is to get ground ginger and add it to your own tea bag or tea ball for the freshest taste. Here are some health benefits of drinking ginger tea:

Health Benefits of Ginger Tea



Chamomile tea is probably one of the most recognizable herbal teas. It tastes delicious, is easy to flavor with honey and other additives, and is easy to come by. The reason people like chamomile tea is not just convenience though, but because of all its health benefits. It comes from an herb called chamomile, which is a type of flowering plant.

The great thing about chamomile tea is that it is so versatile. You can enjoy it as hot or cold tea, with spices like cinnamon or turmeric, flavored with lemon, or with milk and sugar. Look at the many health benefits of drinking chamomile herbal tea.

Healing Benefits of Chamomile Tea



You might also want to try drinking a cup of lemon balm tea. Lemon is not only refreshing, but lemon balm tea can help in a wide range of other ways. This herbal tea is made from the lemon balm plant, using flowers for the tea leaves. If you are a gardener, you can grow the plant in your backyard and make it directly from the flowers, or you can get lemon balm leaves or tea bags already prepared for you.

Lemon balm tea is a good tea to have early in the morning when you need a little pick-me-up, or as something to simply detox and refresh your body. Here are some other health benefits of drinking lemon balm tea.


Health Benefits of Lemon Balm Tea

If you are looking for more tips and support, join me on my group page, The Village – A Natural HEALing Community, to get tons of information and tips to help you take your HEALTHY EATING and ACTIVE LIVING to the next level.



Hi, Jamie Nicole

I'm a certified autoimmune health coach, fitness instructor, life coach, health equity advocate and your go-to chic for turning setbacks into comebacks. 

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hey there1

Before you dive deeper... hey there! i'm Jamie Nicole

I'm an autoimmune warrior, health coach, fitness instructor, life coach, health equity advocate and your go-to chic for turning setbacks into comebacks. 

I am your committed autoimmune wellness coach, dedicated to the restoration of your well-being. My mission is to equip you with the tools and guidance needed to thrive, even in the face of autoimmune challenges, enabling you to reclaim and lead your fullest life.

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