I sought the services of Jamie because I was feeling extremely tired and wasn't losing weight. I was working out with a trainer with the goal to lose weight, but I was steadily gaining weight. This caused a lot of frustration and stress in my mind and body because it wasn't functioning as it should. My pain points were my feet, headaches, body aches, and swollen feet and ankles.

My goals upon starting my session with Jamie were to lose weight, have more energy, and just feel better.

Jamie was able to help me work toward these goals by helping me pinpoint things that are stressors in my life by acknowledging these things help to lower my stress levels. Then, we worked on a plan to keep my stress levels low. We also worked on me eliminating foods for a while to heal my gut and slowly reintroduce to figure out foods that are causing symptoms of pain.

"I am most grateful for Jamie being transparent, relatable, having a listening ear, and for her knowledge."-Shanavia P.

The most significant overall change I have noticed has been my energy levels and weight loss. I have more energy now than I did when I started working with Jamie. I have lost a total of 19 pounds to date. My husband says I am less moody. Thank God!

Jamie made me feel supported, cared for, empowered, and like I wasn't going crazy. When you take everything you know about nutrition and apply it to your life, but it doesn't work it does something to your self-esteem.

Jamie provided me with a listening ear, her personal testimonies, and needed resources to walk through this program. I am most grateful for Jamie being transparent, relatable, having a listening ear, and for her knowledge.

I would describe Jamie as someone who is passionate about what she does. You can tell that this is her calling, passion, and purpose in life. She loves what she does. I would recommend Jamie to anyone who is struggling with weight loss, body pain or anyone who is stuck and just need to try something different.

Before I started working with Jamie, I spent years trying to figure out what would work for me and failed many times on my own. Right before I started seeing her, I was feeling hopeless and had given up on myself because nothing seemed to work for me. Once I started sessions with Jamie, I've not only improved, but I also feel a lot more empowered in my journey to get better.

My main goal when coming to see Jamie was to relieve some of the fatigue I was experiencing so I could start living my life again. I was losing my quality of life because I was too tired to stay awake for anything anymore. In addition to not being able to control my fatigue, I was also experiencing symptoms like brain fog, weight gain, and body aches, all of which made me feel hopeless enough to finally seek help.

"Jamie is a lively, caring, dedicated person who is easy to talk to and loves what she does a lot and I believe that these traits make her excellent in her work."-Maria M., Autoimmune Client

Every session, Jamie gave me clear information and suggestions of what changes I could be making in my life to help improve my symptoms. A lot of what Jamie helped me with during my sessions was a diet that would work for me as well as informing me about diet in general. We also worked on lifestyle changes that would help me.

Jamie always made me feel supported and empowered during my journey. I believe this helped me tremendously because I felt capable of implementing all of the changes in my life when I had someone rooting for me like that.

Not only did Jamie send a ton of resources for me that related to what we discussed in sessions, but anything else I wanted more information on she was willing to seek out and send to me.

I am most grateful for how Jamie listened to everything I had to say. I never felt like she was overlooking any issues and all of the problems and concerns I had been addressed.

My fatigue is by far where I have seen the most change. I was sleeping 16-20 hours a day and feeling exhausted and overall terrible anytime I was awake. Throughout my time working with Jamie, I have cut my time asleep in half AND I am feeling more awake, clearer, and stronger during the hours I am awake.

Jamie is a lively, caring, dedicated person who is easy to talk to and loves what she does a lot and I believe that these traits make her excellent in her work.

I started working with Jamie because I was having trouble with feeling exhausted and not being able to lose weight. I also got diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and wanted help dealing with that.

My goals were to lose weight and feel less fatigued. While working with Jamie, I found that my goals shifted based on what was happening in my life. My life had become very stressful, so my priority changed to stress management.

Jamie has a myriad of resources to share! The information she provided me was not only about food but included helpful aromatherapy products, teas, meditation, and encouragement to be physically active again.

"Jamie made me feel less alone because she too has autoimmune disease and knows firsthand how it feels." -Maria M., Autoimmune Client

Jamie is extremely knowledgeable and shares that knowledge in a productive and encouraging way. I was really amazed at the depth of her research, and she constantly came back with the information I was having a hard time finding or was confused about. She is encouraging and realistic which I like too because I am not perfect, but can continue to make good changes in my life and not feel like I have to be perfect.

Jamie helped me with several areas of concern, stress, fatigue, and autoimmune disease. She worked with me on how to eat for autoimmune disease as well as how to better manage stress. I am very grateful to have worked with Jamie, she has definitely helped me feel better about myself and hopeful about the future.

I am grateful to have worked with Jamie. She has definitely helped me feel better about myself and hopeful about the future. I was really down when I first started working with her and now I feel I can make the changes that will continue to improve my health.

Additionally, Jamie made me feel less alone because she too has autoimmune disease and knows firsthand how it feels. She is very supportive and knowledgeable and that really helped me feel empowered to make changes to feel better.

I would highly recommend Jamie to anyone who wants to feel better. Her support using food as the focus helped me discover different ways to eat and to feel better. Her support in other areas of my life helped me reduce stress and get active again to enjoy life and have fun.

Before I started the program, I primarily struggled with weight gain, fatigue, and low self-esteem. During the program, I learned that I can eat healthy, but still have what I want sometimes. I have been able to make lasting changes that don’t seem impossible to maintain.  I have started cutting back on my food intake, but I am still able to get fuller faster. I have also started having yummy shakes for breakfast. I never thought that would be something I would do, let alone like, but here I am!

My favorite part of the program was trying new foods and seeing results. As a result of the [detox] program, lost weight and increased my self-esteem, mood, and energy.  Understanding how food can affect my mood and energy was eye-opening. I can finally fit back into some of my pants that had gotten a little too tight.  I would recommend it to people looking to live a maintainable healthy lifestyle, eat better, lose weight, and feel better about themselves.

"My favorite part of the program was trying new foods and seeing results." - Raquel O., Detox Program

What I loved about this program was that it was the total package.  All of the pieces of the program fit together like a puzzle.  The recipe guide, the shopping list, the affirmations, the food diary, and the guide, were all very informative and helpful.  It was a great experience and I learned a lot of things that I didn’t know before.  My ah-ha moment was learning more about the importance of eating seasonally to nourish your body optimally.  Working with Jamie was a very positive experience.  She is a committed professional who truly cares about her clients. I have recommended her to everyone in my circle.

"Working with Jamie was a very positive experience."
-Yvette H., Detox Program

My main goal when I began working with Jamie was to work through my fatigue and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis symptoms. I wasn’t finding any hope with doctors and I needed help navigating through other options. What helped me the most while working with Jamie in our 1-on-1 sessions was learning how to be more proactive in working with my doctor by taking control of my care, getting proper lab tests, being prepared with questions to ask my doctor and keeping all of my records.

Her meal prep ideas and learning how to incorporate small changes to make being healthy more convenient were also helpful.  Transitioning to an AIP (Autoimmune Protocol) diet was once overwhelming.  However, Jamie worked with me and taught me how to make small changes one step at time that I could easily incorporate into my lifestyle.

I have started incorporating crockpot meals (and just cooking more in general) and using whole foods and not processed boxed foods. I even still make my lemon water in big mason jars!

"Jamie’s support was helpful and it was real."-Sarah B., Autoimmune Client

Jamie’s support was helpful and it was real. It was the information that the doctors did not or would not provide. Having her to hold me accountable was the piece that I was missing on my journey to better health.

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