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I'm thrilled to offer you the opportunity to work 1-on-1 with me as I walk you through my signature Autoimmune Health RESTORATION System.

Autoimmune Health Coaching With Jamie Nicole

1:1 Private Coaching

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Investing in a HEALCoach Protocol is a powerful step toward transforming your well-being.

Don't let health challenges hold you back any longeR

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Are you on the lookout for an engaging speaker who can spark a fire for health and well-being in your audience? Well, your search ends here!
As a certified holistic health coach, I bring expertise and practical strategies to empower individuals on their wellness journey.

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Help You Break Free From Your Symptoms So That You Can Live Your Best Life In Spite of Autoimmune Disease.

Your Guide to Living Your Best Life with Autoimmune Disease

AIP Group Coaching

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A Health Coach is a  healthcare professional that educates, motivates, and supports clients to achieve their health goals through diet, lifestyle and behavior adjustments.

Are you passionate about health  and helping others to thrive?

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"I would describe Jamie as someone who is passionate about what she does. You can tell that this is her calling, passion, and purpose in life. She loves what she does. I would recommend Jamie to anyone who is struggling with weight loss, body pain or anyone who is stuck and just need to try something different." — Shanavia P.


"I am most grateful for Jamie being transparent, relatable, having a listening ear, and for her knowledge."

"Working with Jamie was a very positive experience.  She is a committed professional who truly cares about her clients. I have recommended her to everyone in my circle." — Yvette H., Detox Program


"Working with Jamie was a very positive experience."

"My favorite part of the program was trying new foods and seeing results. As a result of the [detox] program, lost weight and increased my self-esteem, mood, and energy.  Understanding how food can affect my mood and energy was eye-opening. I can finally fit back into some of my pants that had gotten a little too tight.." — Raquel O., Detox Program


"I would recommend it to people looking to live a maintainable healthy lifestyle, eat better, lose weight, and feel better about themselves."

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Inside this comprehensive guide, you'll find valuable information, practice tips, and empowering insights to help you navigate your autoimmune diagnosis and take steps toward healing. It's designed to provide you with a solid foundation of knowledge and support as you embark on this journey.

The Autoimmune HEALing Starter Guide

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A 6-Step Guide to Learning More About Your Autoimmune Diagnosis