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Are you on the lookout for an engaging speaker who can spark a fire for health and well-being in your audience? Well, your search ends here!
As a certified holistic health coach, I bring expertise and practical strategies to empower individuals on their wellness journey. Through speaking engagements and as a podcast guest, I share practical
strategies, actionable tools and personal stories that inspires and empowers people to prioritize their
health and reclaim their vitality.

I'm Jamie. I'd be delighted to speak at your next event.

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-Kevin Opiepipe, Executive Director of the Lead Community Foundation

"Jamie went beyond just educating us. She was warm and friendly, which made it easy to assimilate everything she taught. The success of the webinar was greatly due to her delivery, her show of knowledge, and most importantly her
shared experiences."

When it comes to holistic health and autoimmune wellness, I bring a unique blend of expertise, passion, and personal experience that sets me apart as a compelling speaker and podcast guest.

As a trained holistic health and autoimmune health coach, I possess a deep understanding of the intricate connections between the mind, body, and spirit, allowing me to approach wellness from a comprehensive standpoint.

With my extensive knowledge of nutrition, alternative therapies, and lifestyle modifications, I can provide invaluable insights and practical strategies to optimize health and manage autoimmune conditions effectively.

Moreover, my own journey with autoimmune disease has instilled in me a profound empathy and relatability, enabling me to connect authentically with audiences and listeners who are also navigating similar challenges. By booking me, you can expect engaging discussions, evidence-based information, and a genuine commitment to empower individuals to take control of their well-being and live vibrant,
fulfilling lives.

Why me? Here's what I bring to the mic...

  • Cultivating a positive mindset and shifting limiting beliefs about autoimmune health
  • Harnessing the power of self-compassion and self-acceptance on the healing journey
  • Developing strategies for overcoming setbacks and maintaining motivation
  • Utilizing visualization and affirmation techniques for improved well-being

Topic 4: "Empowering Mindset for Autoimmune Thriving"

  • Understanding the gut-immune system connection in autoimmune health
  • Strategies for optimizing gut health through diet, probiotics, and lifestyle practices
  • Healing leaky gut syndrome and reducing intestinal inflammation
  • Addressing common gut-related symptoms and their impact on autoimmune conditions

Topic 3: "Healing from Within: Gut Health and Autoimmunity"

  • Recognizing the impact of stress on autoimmune conditions
  • Exploring mindfulness and relaxation techniques for stress reduction
  • Creating effective self-care routines to support emotional well-being
  • Developing resilience and coping strategies to manage stress-related flare-ups

Topic 2: "Stress Management for Autoimmune Resilience"

  • Understanding the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) diet and its role in reducing inflammation and supporting autoimmune wellness.
  • Exploring AIP-friendly foods and their impact on autoimmune health
  • Practical tips for meal planning, grocery shopping, and preparing AIP-compliant meals
  • Navigating challenges and maintaining long-term success on the AIP diet

Topic 1: "Unleashing the Power of Food: The Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) Diet"

General Autoimmune

Topics for Interviews and Speaking

  • The impact of sleep on immune function, inflammation, and overall wellness in individuals with autoimmune diseases.
  • Strategies for optimizing sleep hygiene and creating a bedtime routine to promote quality sleep.
  • Natural remedies, relaxation techniques, and lifestyle adjustments to improve sleep patterns and enhance healing.

Topic 6: Reclaiming Rest: Prioritizing Sleep for Autoimmune Health

  • The importance of movement in managing autoimmune conditions and improving physical and mental well-being.
  • Tailoring exercise routines to accommodate individual needs, limitations, and energy levels.
  • Mindfulness techniques, breathwork, and meditation practices to reduce stress, enhance relaxation, and improve mind-body connection.

Topic 5: Movement and Mindfulness: Empowering Autoimmune Wellness

  • Exploring the power of community support networks in empowering BIPOC individuals with autoimmune conditions
  • Discussing the unique challenges and experiences faced by BIPOC individuals on their autoimmune health journeys
  • Sharing strategies for fostering inclusive and safe spaces, building support networks, and promoting advocacy within BIPOC communities

Topic 4: "Community Building for BIPOC Autoimmune Warriors"

  • Addressing the intersection of nutrition, food access, and autoimmune health within BIPOC communities
  • Discussing the potential impact of traditional diets, cultural foods, and ancestral wisdom on managing autoimmune conditions
  • Providing guidance on navigating dietary challenges, optimizing nutrient intake, and promoting affordable and culturally relevant dietary choices for BIPOC individuals with autoimmune diseases

Topic 3: "From Farm to Fork: Nutrition and Autoimmune Health in BIPOC Communities"

  • Introducing holistic approaches to managing autoimmune conditions, encompassing nutrition, lifestyle, and self-care practices
  • Sharing practical tools and techniques for stress management, self-advocacy, and fostering emotional well-being
  • Highlighting the importance of cultural sensitivity and inclusivity in crafting personalized self-care plans for diverse populations

Topic 2: "Empowering Self-Care: Holistic Strategies for Autoimmune Wellness"

  • Shedding light on the disproportionate prevalence and impact of autoimmune diseases within BIPOC communities
  • Discussing the potential underlying factors contributing to health disparities and barriers to care
  • Exploring strategies to raise awareness, improve diagnosis rates, and promote equitable healthcare access for BIPOC individuals with autoimmune conditions

Topic 1: "Unmasking Autoimmunity: Understanding the Impact on BIPOC Communities"

Autoimmunity in the BIPOC Community

Topics for Interviews and Speaking

Jamie Nicole is a dedicated Holistic Health + Autoimmune Strategist certified autoimmune protocol (AIP) coach, fitness instructor and Executive Director of The AIP BIPOC Network. With a passion for empowering individuals to take control of their health, Jamie has made it her life's mission to guide and support those living with autoimmune conditions through a complementary holistic approach.

In a time where self-love, body awareness, and inner healing reign supreme, Jamie’s success in overcoming health complications associated by food sensitivities and autoimmune diseases has provided hard-won and extremely valuable first-hand knowledge on integrative wellness solutions. Her experience and methodology have proven to reduce pain, improve energy, increase productivity, and
manage stress.

More recently, Jamie’s holistic approach has led her to coach others with autoimmune disease on the verge of losing faith in healthcare and wellness solutions. Her clients have gained confidence, achieved
better relationships with food, and discovered the keys that unlock their freedom from being shackled
to their disease.

Due to the success of her whole-person coaching methods and hands-on, empowerment-driven lifestyle management techniques, Jamie is now expanding her offerings and sharing her signature Autoimmune Health Restoration System to support others with autoimmune disease value their choices, take control of their bodies, and gain freedom through healthy eating and active living.

With her extensive expertise, unwavering dedication, and genuine passion for holistic health, Jamie
Nicole continues to make a profound difference in the lives of countless individuals. Her multifaceted
approach, coupled with her warm and compassionate nature, empowers others to embrace a balanced
and fulfilling lifestyle.

Jamie Nicole is a dedicated Holistic Health + Autoimmune Strategist... and much more! 

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