Autoimmune Protocol Health Coaching

Your Personalized Path to Autoimmune Wellness

Lack of Personalized Guidance and Support


Autoimmune diseases are highly individualized, and what works for one person may not work for another. Many individuals with autoimmune conditions struggle to find a healthcare provider or support system that truly understands their needs. Without personalized guidance and support, it's challenging to create a tailored plan that addresses your specific symptoms, triggers, and goals, leaving you feeling lost and unsupported.

Confusing and Contradictory Information


The internet is filled with conflicting advice and information about autoimmune diseases and their management. It's challenging to sift through the noise and determine what dietary and lifestyle changes will genuinely benefit your unique condition. The overload of information can lead to confusion and anxiety, making it difficult to take meaningful steps toward improving your health. 

Unpredictable Symptoms and Flare-Up


Living with an autoimmune disease can feel like a rollercoaster ride. One day, you might feel relatively fine, and the next, you're hit with debilitating symptoms like joint pain, fatigue, digestive issues, or skin problems. These unpredictable flare-ups can disrupt your work, social life, and overall well-being, leaving you frustrated and exhausted.

Autoimmune diseases are complex, often causing a range of physical and emotional challenges. Here are three common problems that individuals with autoimmune diseases may face:

Are you struggling with an autoimmune disease and feeling overwhelmed by its 

impact on your daily life?

Fortunately, you've landed in the right place, and I'm excited to invite you to join me on a profound journey.

Together, we'll embark on a transformative path through my signature Autoimmune Health RESTORATION System.

Within this system, you'll encounter a personalized approach meticulously crafted to unveil your unique triggers using the autoimmune protocol (AIP) and provide you with the tools needed to master the art of managing flare-ups.

If Any of These Challenges Resonate with You, Rest Assured That YOU ARE NOT ALONE in Facing Them

Many individuals dealing with autoimmune diseases encounter these difficulties on a daily basis

Are you prepared to break free from the ceaseless cycle of autoimmune symptoms and  

regain control of your life?

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 Then read on!

Despite the challenges posed by autoimmune diseases, it's important to recognize that symptom management and improved quality of life are indeed possible. While autoimmune conditions can be complex and unpredictable, there are numerous strategies, lifestyle adjustments, and treatment options available that can help mitigate symptoms. With the right guidance and support, you can develop a personalized approach to managing your autoimmune disease effectively.

By exploring dietary modifications, stress management techniques, physical activity, and other holistic approaches, you can regain a sense of control over your health and reduce the impact of your symptoms. It's about finding the right balance and empowering yourself with knowledge and tools to lead a fulfilling life despite the presence of an autoimmune condition. Remember, you have the capacity to thrive and live well, even in the face of autoimmune challenges.

The Importance of Empowering Symptom Management for  Autoimmune Disease

With the Autoimmune Health RESTORATION System you can embark on a transformative journey towards experiencing vitality, balance, and true health despite living with autoimmune disease.

Through the power of the autoimmune protocol, we will work together to uncover your unique triggers, restore balance within your body, and empower you with the knowledge and tools to reclaim your well-being. Say goodbye to constant flares and hello to a life where you not only feel good on the inside but radiate that vibrant energy in every aspect of your life.

What if you could experience a sense of vitality, balance, and true health despite living with autoimmune disease?

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Living with an autoimmune condition presents its share of challenges, yet it need not be the defining narrative of your life. Through our collaborative efforts, you'll acquire the knowledge, tools, and support required to unearth the unique triggers affecting your health. This empowerment doesn't stop there; as you advance, you'll evolve into your own health advocate and set sail on a transformative journey toward greater equilibrium and harmony. Let's embark on this empowering voyage together, taking the initial strides toward restoring your optimal health and well-being. The Autoimmune Health Restoration Sysem is meticulously crafted to navigate three vital pillars of healing: Uncovering Triggers, Cultivating Empowerment, and Rediscovering Balance

The Path to Restoration

 Uncovering Triggers, Cultivating Empowerment, and Rediscovering Balance

autoimmune health restoration system

Uncover Triggers


Through our health coaching sessions, you'll unlock the key to uncovering your individual autoimmune triggers. With a deeper understanding of what factors contribute to your symptoms, you'll gain the knowledge and insight needed to make informed choices about your health. This newfound awareness will be your guiding light on the path to wellness, as you learn to navigate the complexities of your condition with confidence. levels, digestion, joint pain, skin conditions, and any other symptoms related to your autoimmune disease.

Make informed choices


autoimmune health restoration system

Become Empowered


As you progress on your journey, you'll become a well-informed advocate for your own health. Armed with a personalized roadmap and a comprehensive understanding of your unique triggers and needs, you'll possess the tools to confidently face the challenges of managing your autoimmune condition. This empowerment extends beyond your health, allowing you to embrace a lifestyle that fully supports your optimal well-being, giving you control and peace of mind.

Confidently face the challenges of managing your autoimmune condition


autoimmune health restoration system

Rediscover Balance


The ultimate goal of our coaching is to help you regain a sense of balance—both physically and emotionally. Completing the AIP will enable you to address underlying imbalances, optimize your body's functions, and cultivate harmony in all aspects of your life. Together, we will work towards a renewed sense of equilibrium, allowing you to lead a life that is not defined by your autoimmune condition, but one where you are in control and thriving.

Begin living a life in balance and harmony


I focus on seamlessly integrating the autoimmune protocol into your lifestyle. I provide practical strategies and guidance to help you navigate social situations, travel, and dining out, ensuring that you can sustain your healing journey in real-world scenarios without feeling deprived or isolated.

Lifestyle Integration

I recognize the powerful connection between the mind and body in autoimmune health. I incorporate techniques such as mindfulness, relaxation exercises, and stress reduction strategies to help you cultivate a positive mindset and support the healing process from within.

Mind-Body Connection

 I emphasize the importance of tracking your progress and symptoms. This allows us to monitor your response to the protocol and make necessary adjustments along the way. By continuously adapting the protocol to your evolving needs, we ensure that you receive the most effective and personalized support on your healing journey.

Tracking and Adaptation

Healing from autoimmune disease takes time, and I'm committed to being there for you every step of the way. In addition to regular coaching sessions, I offer ongoing support through email or messaging. I'm always available to answer questions, provide encouragement, and offer guidance to keep you motivated and on track.

Continuous Support

I prioritize educating and empowering you throughout the coaching process. I provide you with the knowledge and tools necessary to make informed decisions about your health. By understanding the "why" behind the protocol and having the necessary skills, you become an active participant in your healing journey.

Education and Empowerment

My approach extends beyond just dietary changes. I take a holistic view of health and address all aspects of your well-being, including stress management, sleep optimization, movement, and mindset. By considering the whole person, I aim to foster comprehensive healing and restoration.

Holistic Healing


Ways My Approach Is Different...

Now that You know my approach, it's time to learn a little more about me

Hi, I'm Jamie Nicole
Your Certified AIP & Health Coach + New BFF

I'm Jamie Nicole, your dedicated partner on this journey to better health and well-being. As a Certified Autoimmune Health Coach, I bring a unique blend of expertise and empathy to our coaching relationship. But my commitment to this path goes beyond professional credentials – it's deeply personal.

I understand firsthand the challenges of living with an autoimmune disease because I too have walked that road. This shared experience fuels my passion for helping individuals like you navigate the complexities of autoimmune conditions.

Beyond my role as a health coach, I'm a tireless advocate for health equity, believing that everyone deserves access to the resources and support necessary for their healing journey. My background as a life coach and fitness instructor allows me to approach your well-being holistically, addressing not only your physical health but also your mental and emotional needs.

I'm not just your coach, I'm your partner in your pursuit of optimal health. Together, we'll work towards restoring balance, uncovering triggers, and empowering you to take control of your health and life. I'm excited to join you on this transformative journey, and I'm here to support and guide you every step of the way.

"She made me feel supported and empowered during my journey."

"I believe this helped me tremendously because I felt capable of implementing all of the changes in my life when I had someone rooting for me like that."
– Isabel R

my clients see...


Reduced Inflammation: AIP reduces inflammation, easing symptoms like joint pain, swelling, and skin rashes, leading to improved overall inflammatory markers.

Improved Digestive Health: AIP focuses on gut health, relieving digestive issues such as bloating, gas, constipation, or diarrhea, resulting in better nutrient absorption, increased energy, and improved gut function.

Increased Energy and Vitality: AIP's nutrient-dense foods and addressing imbalances often boost energy levels and vitality, leaving clients feeling more alert, focused, and motivated throughout the day.

Improved Sleep: AIP enhances sleep patterns and quality through balanced blood sugar levels, hormonal regulation, and improved stress management, resulting in better sleep duration and quality.

Clearer Mind and Balanced Mood: AIP positively affects cognitive function and mood regulation, leading to enhanced mental clarity, improved concentration, and a more stable mood, fostering an overall sense of well-being.

Initial Assessment

We will begin with an in-depth evaluation of your health history, symptoms, lifestyle, and goals. This assessment will help us gain a clear understanding of your unique needs and create a tailored plan.

Based on the assessment, I will design a customized autoimmune protocol (AIP) specifically for you. This protocol will include dietary recommendations, lifestyle adjustments, and targeted strategies to address your triggers and promote healing.

I will be available to answer your questions, provide clarifications, and offer additional support between coaching sessions through email or messaging. This ensures that you have continuous guidance and assistance throughout the program.

You will gain access to a wealth of educational materials, including guides, meal plans, recipes, and other resources relevant to the autoimmune protocol and your specific needs. These materials will empower you with knowledge and practical tools to implement the protocol effectively.

You will receive regular one-on-one coaching sessions with me throughout the 4-month period. These sessions provide an opportunity to discuss your progress, address challenges, provide guidance, and offer ongoing support and accountability.

Personalized Protocol

 Regular Bi-Weekly Coaching Sessions

Individualized Support

Educational Resources

We will regularly track your progress, assess your symptoms, and adjust the protocol as needed to ensure optimal results. This iterative process allows us to fine-tune your approach and make necessary modifications for ongoing improvement.

I will provide guidance on how to seamlessly integrate the autoimmune protocol into your daily life, including tips for meal planning, navigating social situations, managing stress, and promoting self-care. This will help you sustain your progress beyond the coaching program.

Tracking and Progress Assessment

Lifestyle Integration Strategies

Embark on Your Journey to Restoration

Are you ready to take the first step towards reclaiming your health and beginning the journey of restoration? The process of initiating our coaching relationship is designed to empower you on the path to renewal and well-being. Allow me to walk you through what the journey looks like as we embark on this transformative experience together.

The Process of Starting Our Coaching Relationship

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